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Opel Ampera Price Cut by €8,000 in Germany

Opel Ampera Pricing Drops in Europe
Opel Ampera Pricing Drops in Europe

Chevy Volt’s sister vehicle in Europe, the Opel Ampera, has not been increasing in sales. In a bid to increase sales in Germany, General Motors has cut prices by €8,000 [$10,636 US].

Here in the US, electric vehicle sales, on average, have risen by some 500%. Averages do not speak for the individual though, and Tesla Motors has been driving the electrified vehicle market almost single-handedly. General Motors’ Chevy Volt has been one of those seeing decreased sales, just over 3% less than last year.

Her sister vehicle in Europe, the Opel Ampera, hasn’t been much of a show-stopper, in Germany selling just 828 units, compared to a total of 3.08 million vehicles sold last year. That calculates to less than 3/100ths of a percentage point.

The Opel Ampera has only been on the market for about eighteen months, but still hasn’t grabbed too much attention. With an €8,000 price cut in Germany, bringing the price down to €38,300 [$50,925], this is about the same as the Volkswagen Golf and eUP EVs, a key competitor in the European electric-vehicle market, no coincidence, according to Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann.

The announcement was made ahead of the opening of the Frankfurt Motor Show, where other automakers are showing their first entries into the electric-vehicle market, as a reminder… “We see a tremendous chance given all the talk about electro-mobility and we want to remind people that we have been in the market already for one and a half years,” said Neumann.

European Opel Ampera pricing will drop across the board but, depending on tax laws that vary from country to country in the European Union, the final pricing will vary. Will better pricing increase awareness and adoption of the Opel Ampera extended-range electric vehicle in Europe?

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