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Oslo Opens New EV Parking Lot


In Norway’s capital Oslo, a new “Charging Enabled Parking Structure” has opened with support from the municipality, charging system provider, and the property owner.

In a city where the EV market is massive, there was a high demand for the EV charging stations. Thus, this new collaboration produced the “Charging Enabled Parking Structure”.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktNKWLwjQJM]

The new facility contains 100 Level 2 charging stations and 2 Level 3 DC Fast Charging stations,. Normally, these charging stations can only provide 3.7 kW; yet, with enough support from the circuits, it increases to 22 kW each.

This public vehicle-to-grid station has the most active functionality among all. The installation will use a 50 kWh energy storage against a massive spike in plugging at the same time. Normally, peak-demand electricity usage has higher rates than normal electricity usage. Thus, installing an on-grid energy generator on-site will be beneficial for the facility to charge lower rates to customers.

The facility is a great example that will lead the EV transport to the future green parking lots.

[via gas2]

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