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GM and Opel Will Part Ways From Now On


General Motors broke its ties with its European Operations; however, Opel’s CEO will stay in its job, and he is hopeful for the future of the company.

Opel’s CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann stated that Opel will continue to design its own cars. Since 2013, Neumann kept his position in Opel and will keep it for the next few years. From now on, he commented that Opel products will be supplied by the PSA Group. Yet, this transition will take a few years to stabilize.

While the GM was still controlling Opel, the company was planning to produce a plug-in car. As the European Union decided to take measures against the carbon emission, it is expected that the company has decided to take such action.

After the German ‘Bundesrat’ decided that internal combustion engines should be completely banned by 2030, the General Motors took action to detach itself from Europe.

Yet, the company still carries hope for an EV that can be a Chevy Bolt competitor. Nevertheless, the fact that the GM has decided to end its corporate relationship with Opel, can be a good thing. Of course, that is if Opel keeps its promise for a new EV.

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