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Justin Trudeau’s Deceitful Way of Creating Environmental Mayhem


Justin Trudeau seems to look like a pack of lies with a nice smile, lately. The most recent absurdity to come from this “public servant” alludes to his desire to continue mining the tar sands, the goal being the production of crude oil.

In a speech given to the oil industry in Houston, he said, “No country would find 173 billion barrels of oil in the ground and just leave them there.”

There are just a few issues with this statement.

To begin with, they are not barrels of oil in the ground. The tar sands are a wildly expensive way to produce oil that isn’t even close to economic in the present market. But it gets worse, mining the oil sands creates toxic pollution on a massive scale. This process is an abomination for human health, with widespread damage done to the region where it is perpetrated.

Like most bad ideas, things get worse the more we dig into them. Part of the “oil sands plan” is the construction on the Keystone XL pipeline. This has been a point on which Trudeau and Trump bond, and given the Canadian Prime Minister’s fetish for two faced lying, it is surprising that they don’t get along better.

Kevin Trudeau ran on a platform of environmental protection, with the rights of Native Canadians at the forefront of his campaign. In a recent interview, Grand Chief Stewart Phillip had this to say about Trudeau “The truth is, Trudeau lied to us. He is very close to violating the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. I describe him now as a serial liar.”

Not only does Trudeau deal in falsehoods as a matter of course, he is also quite inept when it comes to economics. The tar sands are a money-losing proposition, but they aren’t his only pet project that makes no sense financially.

The Site C Dam in British Columbia is a hydro development on the Peace River that makes absolutely no sense in any way shape or form. At present estimates it will cost $9 billion dollars, and there is little hope that it will ever create a profit.

In a recent interview, Harry Swain, who was the chairman of the panel that reviewed the ill conceived environmental catastrophe described the economics of the project as, “awful”, and suggested the best course of action was to eat the $3 billion dollars that have been invested so far as a loss.

It isn’t hard to see why the First Nations of Canada feel as though Justin Trudeau betrayed them. Grand Chief Stewart Phillip had this to say on the matter, “My wife and I were scheduled to march in the Chinese New Year’s parade in Vancouver, until we found out that Trudeau was going to be there,” says Phillip, “No way was I going to meet him unless I was on one side of the barrier, and he was on the other.”

When people deal in wholesale manipulation and blatantly lie, the results aren’t pretty. What is at stake here is the faith that people put into centralized government. Eventually the electorate will get fed up and stop voting, eschewing a peaceful solution and looking for something that is more “effective”

[via cleantechnica]

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