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Volvo’s First Full Electric Car to Hit the The Roads In 2019


Volvo’s new all-electric car is both pricier than its usual line, but it also has more range to be an urban commuter car and beyond. Volvo’s U.S. chief, Lex Kerssemakers said that the car would cost between $35,000 and $40,000.

He also stated that the car will have at least a 250-mile range. This, of course, puts Volvo to be Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model 3’s competitor.

Although the details are still blurry, the price and range of the car indicate that it will be a sedan rather than an SUV. In this case, range is an important issue for Volvo as people won’t buy a car with ‘insufficient’ range.

Volvo’s new attempt on producing an electric car is important for all EVs in general as the new line will make the EVs more accessible. Yet, also, a familiar brand like Volvo that is associated with upscale cars will introduce EVs to a wider group of people. Consequently, it would be a shame if Volvo let Tesla sell electri cars without a rival in its home country, Sweden.

[via autoblog]

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