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Kia POP: A Cute Electric Urban Three-Seater Unveiled At Paris Motor Show 2010


Kia has brought its latest innovation at the 2010 Paris auto show in the form of an electric car called “POP“, which aims to take small cars to the next step and integrate them into a trend that only a few years ago had been considered science fiction.

Featuring an organic transparent LED display, the KIA POP surprises through its innovative shapes, pleasant to look at and though not strikingly UFO-like.

The small three-seater is still a concept, though, but the lightweight chassis allows a 50 horsepower electric motor to propel it through any city’s crowded streets and even to host the third friend in the back (remember, it only has 3 meters of total length and 1.74 meters width).

Most of the car’s controls are accessed through the touchscreen and the autonomy is of about 160 kilometers with the energy stored in its small lithium polymer gel batteries, which are much smaller and lighter than their classic counterparts.

The KIA POP is a lightweight, innovative design that I’ve seen at the 2010 Paris Motor Show and I’d be happy if the company really took it seriously enough so we can see it on the streets during the next couple of years at a convenient price.

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