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Paris Motor Show 2010: After Geneva, Citroen Survolt Amazes The French Visitors


Citroen made its presence felt at the Paris auto show with the Survolt – not something new for the connoisseurs – that made its official debut at Geneva Auto Show, earlier this year.

The 300 bhp electric race car does the 0 to 60 in some 5 seconds and is the brainchild of Bertrand Dantec, the chief of project design at Peugeot. It can reach a speed of 160 mph and Dantec even has a 400 bhp version in plan.

I admit I saw the Survolt before Renault’s DeZir, but it’s nonetheless impressive in its design. In fact, I think that now, with the engineering slowly switching from internal combustion engines to electric motors, the designers will have a much higher say in any model, just because the engineering behind the chassis remains mostly the same.

Of course, this will be true when the market will have stabilized its standards and everyone will be satisfied in terms of power and handling. The only variable remains the battery and, generally speaking, the power source, be it battery or fuel cell.

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  1. You need the pics of the interior, I know my cars I read tech sites on them daily, the interior of this car is more of a technologic achievement than its exterior. Hop on autoblog green and get um.


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