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Paris Motor Show 2010: Nissan LEAF Charged by 50 kW Charger From Epyon Power


Nissan’s Leaf has been a main attraction of the Paris auto show 2010, not only because it’s going to be released this year, but also because it’s fully electric and price-friendly.

Added to the images of the car you can see in the gallery below, which show the unfolded chassis and a section through the car, there is a charger attached to it, stating that it can fuel 80% of the battery’s capacity within 30 minutes, with this ensuring about 130 km of pure electric drive.

The 50 kW charger is provided by Epyon Power and is compatible with the CHAdeMO standard, to which Mitsubishi’s i MiEV had also adhered.

As a bonus for the possible future customers, the French Renault-Nissan corporation has provided visitors with a free test drive of the car inside the auto show’s Pavilion 2.1. Of course, you need a reservation for that, and you’d better make it at the show’s opening around 10, or otherwise you’ll get the chance to ride the car at 6 or at all.

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