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Oyster 2 – A New Wave Power Generator Producing More Electricity


Aquamarine Power, a wave energy developer, has recently unveiled a new wave power generator called Oyster 2, that is able to capture about 250% more electricity than its predecessor. The Oyster 2 measures about 85 feet long and 53 feet wide, being capable to produce 800 kilowatts of energy.

“This is a significant step forward for Aquamarine Power,” says company CEO Martin McAdam. “Our brilliant engineering and research team have taken all of the lessons learned through the design, manufacture, installation and operation of Oyster 1 and incorporated these into Oyster 2.”

The generator will be built in Scotland this summer, and Aquamarine plans to test three of them next year. “When Oyster 2 is installed next summer it will be another step on our journey to building the world’s first commercial wave farm.” All three devices will be linked to a single onshore 2.4 MW hydro-electric turbine. According to the company, 20 of these devices could power more than 12,000 homes and unlike underwater generators, wave generators have to be in an area with no ship traffic.

A new report by Offshore Valuation says that Scotland could be earning $20 billion in offshore by 2050.

[Source: GoodCleanTech/AquamarinePower]

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