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"Oyster" Device Harnessing Near Shore Wave Power


1-1332-queen-s-university-energy-partnership-makes-waves-for-uk“Oyster” is the name of a device purposed to harness nearshore wave power. The Oyster has been developed by Queen’s University Belfast and Aquamarine Power Limited. They are taking part in a new five-year research partnership that will develop this kind power wave power converters.

The Oyster is basically a steel oscillating wave surge converter. It is fitted with double-direction water pistons, deployed near-shore at depths of 10 to 12m. As waves activate it, the pump delivers high pressure water through a sub-sea pipeline straight to the shore, as seen in the picture above.

The most complex part of the system is onshore, in the electrical power generating system, using conventional standard hydroelectric generators.

The first Oyster will be launched launched this summer at the European Marine Energy Centre off the coast of Orkney. It will provide important data to the researchers as to whether it’s viable and survives the sea conditions.

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  1. These are Very Familier Systems to me as my Uncle Julias Developed ,and Patented these systems in the 1950s 60s and 70s and 1980s and would have been built but for Margeret Thatcher winning her Election .Thus Steering the Countries interest in Alternative Energy Away. Because She was all for Nuclear Fusion Our Family still Champion Energy from wind ,wave ,and Sun .Gods Gift to Mankind


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