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Oyster – World's Largest Hydro-Electric Wave Energy Device Goes Online


Queen’s University of Belfast, Aquamarine Power Ltd. and the Scottish government have recently launched the largest working hydro-electric wave energy device, taking an important step for global wave energy industry.

The device is dubbed Oyster, and according to Queens University Belfast it is the world’s only hydro-electric wave energy device that produces usable power. Below are two videos that explain how the system works:

“The launch of Oyster is both a major landmark in terms of carbon-free sustainable energy production and a proud day for Queen’s University Belfast, which already has a reputation as being one of the leading wave-power research groups in the world. ” said professor Trevor Whittaker from Queen’s School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering, the principal investigator on this project.

In the future, the Queen’s University Belfast team plans to build a 2nd generation Oyster. “Devices such as these have the power to revolutionise the world’s energy industry and help combat climate change. And we aren’t stopping with Oyster. We are continuing to work with our partners in Aquamarine Power and the EMEC to develop the next generation of Oyster, by providing testing opportunities at Queen’s large wave tanks facility in Portaferry which is part-funded through the University’s Institute for a Sustainable World.” said Whittaker.

[Source: Cleantechnica]

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