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Tesla P85D vs BMW i8 Drag Race – See Who Wins!


p85d-vs-i8In a video that will surely make history, a Tesla Model S P85D is drag racing BMW’s darling, the i8. In other words, you can see where passion has been put in and what a purebred electric car means. BMW i8, while great-looking, is still a pimped-up Prius, after all.

Gas powered BMW lovers, watch and cry. Please don’t refrain from that, you’ll feel better after. Letting go is good for you.

Now, after watching them race from a stop, please go ahead and watch the two cars get hot (literally) from a rolling start. The battery in the Tesla eventually gets hot, and yes, I admit, this is not a car meant for racing, but I’m sure the next iteration will have that issue solved (isn’t it so, Elon?).

We tested the Model S P85D in Insane mode a while ago. See how it felt like.

Update: there was this infographic in the Tesla Motors forum. It shows how the P85D outclasses the i8 in all respects.


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