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Portuguese Paper Battery Can Be Recharged With Water


Researchers from the Faculty of Science and Technology in Lisbon (CENIMAT) have recently developed a novel type of battery that you can charge… with water!

They say it’s another step towards their aim of developing new ways to power gadgets and small electronic devices.

The battery is made from paper, just like transistors and other paper batteries invented so far. But this paper can get its energy by absorbing the water vapors from the atmosphere, automatically.

We don’t know yet how this can happen, but I can guess it’s something about hydrogen and oxygen, electrolysis, or about capillarity and its yet unharnessed applications.

Commercial applications are on their way, and most probably we won’t discover until then what really stands behind these batteries which seem to defy much of the stuff we know from the science classes.

If you happen to know Portuguese, then here’s a video showing you the researchers at work.

[via engadget]

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