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Parisian Metro Passengers Will Provide Heat to Nearby Public Housing Project


A project started in Paris aims to harvest the heat generated by the people passing in the metro to help heat a public housing project in the city center. The building is located in the famous rue Beaubourg, close to the Pompidou museum, and is currently undergoing an environmentally-friendly renovating project.

“Luckily, the building is connected to the metro through a staircase,” Francois Wachnick from Paris Habitat told Reuters. “We were lucky to find a passageway that allows us to collect the heat directly from the metro, without having to pay to build one, otherwise it would have been impossible,” he also said.

Each passenger would emit around 100 watts per day (on average). That, combined with the heat dissipated by the trains, would supply 14 to 20 degrees Celsius no matter if it’s winter or summer. The project they are seeking to implement is using geothermal technology at its core, and will complement the city’s own heating system.

The geothermal system will heat 17 apartments and will cut carbon dioxide emissions by a third, compared to heating the same building with a boiler room connected to the city heating.

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