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Aesthetically Pleasing Solar Powered Slates Offered by UK Company


Today’s practical solar panels are also aesthetically unpleasant, because they are usually bulky and usually ruin a home’s looks (unless you really want it to look geeky). Heritage Solar Slate, a UK-based company, proposes solar cells that are identical to classic roofing slates, fully weather proof and aesthetically pleasing.

Many historical buildings can profit from them since they have many advantages over classic photovoltaics. The power an entire roof would provide is not huge, nor little – 890 watts, from 162 slates. The good part is that they don’t need any maintenance, are secured with roofing hooks and only an electrician (accredited by MCS) is needed to mount them.

Moreover, the UK has special feed-in tariffs, which are a bargain for anyone wanting to supply power to the grid. The tariffs encourage homeowners to install renewable energy projects in their homes and to ensure that the country will reach getting 20% of its energy from renewables by 2020.

People don’t always want the best efficiency solar panels installed onto their roofs, but rather want to help their pockets and the environment with something that also doesn’t impede their life in any way. I think the solar slates this company offers are just perfect for that. Still, a word about efficiency numbers on the company’s website would have been a bliss for their sales, I guess.

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