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Ferrari Goes Green By Installing a Solar Rooftop


ferrari_solar_roofIf you are wondering what is Ferrari lately bragging about, well it’s their new solar rooftop!

Ferrari has unveiled in 20th of January 2009 a solar system which was installed over the roof of the Engine Mechanical Machining facility in Maranello, Italy. The system has 1,075 solar modules which provide 213,895 kWh of power per year. The modules used are 185 Wp Mitsubishi Electric. The peak power of the photovoltaic system is 198.85 kWp.

The photovoltaic system just installed is Ferrari’s response on the world’s green thinking of using renewable resources. The system produced for Ferrari is made by EnerRay a Maccaferri Group company.

Ferrari also wants to install by mid of this year a tri-generation plant, which will cover all of the electricity requirements of the company. This plant will reduce Ferrari’s Co2 emissions in 2009 by 25-30%. Ferrari obtained their first environmental certification ISO 14001 in 2001 and Integrated Environmental Authorisation in 2007.

Ferrari made in the last years many improvements to go green working on technologies like direct injection, dual clutch gearboxes, biofuels, weight reduction and hybrids, and it’s doing as much as it can to reduce the environmental impact of its facilities as well. Ferrari claims as well to have planted around 200 trees in the last six months and has 165,000 square meters of green areas in its complex.

[via autobloggreen.com]

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