Man in Jail After Researching Fuel Cells at Home

jail_bars2Instead of focusing on state-of-the-art, smiling and richly-tied burglars, federal prosecutors in Sheridan, Oregon have convicted a man for something he did (or did not do) during his study of cleaner and cheaper fuel cells.

Krister Evertson, 54, is a passionate of science even since high school. He had no history of legal issues, but instead he is a charitable person: teaching sign language to deaf young people. When he was in the grade school, he won the Kailua Intermediate School science fair in Hawaii for research into making bio-chemical fuel cells using coconut juice (so Hawaiian, isn’t it?) He is described in federal court documents as a “good-natured, kind, gentle person.”

Evertson is now in jail, convicted to spend 21 months (almost 2 years!) for an “environmental crime” while researching to develop a mass-use fuel cell, that could have helped generating energy without pollution. He was convicted for allegedly violating some obscure regulations of the EPA by “abandoning” semi-hazardous waste. Actually, that wasted had been saved with great care, sealed and stored with a friend.

“This is how we reward innovators in America?” asked senior legal policy analyst Andrew Grossman of the Heritage Foundation, his inflection turning the statement into a question. “They wind up in jail?…. This isn’t the way regulation is supposed to work.”

It’s sad to hear inventors doing jail years for experimenting good stuff for the environment, by EPA’s rules. It’s also sad that the biggest oil-spillers that only care about their money and don’t give a dime about pollution, leaving it on the environmentalists’ shoulders, are walking freely and enjoying the last decades of the atmosphere they themselves destroy.

So, people, watch out carefully the next time you want to invent something for the environment, so you don’t offend EPA’s regulations, by wanting to pollute less than they allow.


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