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Leaked Renault Electric Car Technology Scandal Fires COO Patrick Pelata


Patrick Pelata, Renault’s Chief Operating Officer, has offered his resignation from the company that stands at the forefront of mass-produced electric vehicles industry and that is in trouble lately because of some leaked electric vehicle technologies.

Carlos Ghosn, CEO, has finally accepted Pelata’s resignation, which is the last but not the only submitted by him in recent weeks. Renault publicly accepted the fact that it had been tricked into paying for false information on the matter that led it to fire three security executives.

Pelata’s resignation has been accepted after the French government, a 15 percent stakeholder, put pressure on Ghosn. Pelata’s days at Renault-Nissan are not over yet, though. He will still occupy a role in the Renault-Nissan group.

The size of the compensatory sums for the three dismissed executives, Michel Balthazard, Bertrand Rochette and Matthieu Tenenbaum have not been revealed, although the three had been fired wrongfully, on the ground of false information.

[via autocar]

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