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Interesting Floating Marine Solar-Wave Power System Designed By Phil Pauley


British designer Phil Pauley has come up with a unique, innovative design of a scalable hybrid marine solar PV cell (MSC). According to him, the wave power system is the best solution of harnessing the energy of the sun and ocean waves.

Pauley’s system design produces clean energy from direct and refracted sunlight as well as wave motion. Pauley declared on his website that the solar-wave plant was developed in response to “the global need for large-scale renewable energy capture. It has huge implications for offshore energy generation and local marine conservation.”

The manufacturing process of the solar cells is relatively cheap. Pauley’s marine solar cells are much more efficient because they capture and convert the sunlight reflected from the ocean’s surface. These are expected to generate 20% more electricity than the same solar cells installed on land. Wave motion is converted into energy through natural buoyancy displacement.

Pauley also said that the MSCs can be made cheaply from recycled materials. They have the possibility of being placed anywhere offshore and could one day revolutionize the wave power industry.

[via Cleantechnica]

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