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Recycled Wood Pallets Used to Build Attractive Pavilion


Pallet-Pavilion-It may be arguable as to whether wooden pallets actually make good building materials, but the fact remains that they are capable of a wide range of use, including refugee housing, furniture and even gardening.

It is with this versatility that Italian architects Avatar Architecttura have constructed the beautiful pavilion in Florence, Italy for the German Institute of Culture with salvaged wood pallets.

The pavilion is made with wooden pallets stacked and held together by metal joints into diamond-like patterns. The pavilion was constructed to temporarily host arts shows and performances.

The construction took just four days to complete, covering an area of 100 square feet. However, it could be argued that a more environmentally-friendly option other than PVC could have been used for the envelope. Still, with the ability to easily disassemble and transport the structure, it can certainly be reused at a different location.

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  1. A great work of design and architecture. Generally such pallets are created using natural wood. Its strongness and flexible nature are its main features which are not usually found in other types of wood. Along with that, natural wood floors can be made into such pallets. As its roof is made up of stones ,no chances of water from rain as well. Good work,Keep it up.


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