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Have Your Cake and Charge It Too: A Pedal-Powered Laptop Desk


Pedal PowerEven with all the benefits of modern, everyday technology, it is certainly not making us any healthier. In fact, your heart really hates your laptop, and the sedentary lifestyle that commonly comes with it.

But a new product attempts to find a middle ground between office work and that active lifestyle which almost everyone wants, but rarely ever gets.

Enter Pedal Power, a new device that seeks to neautralize the effect of increased energy use and the degradative effect that sitting for long hours has on our body. Dubbed ‘dynapods’ these stationary, pedal-powered machines use the kinetic energy created by cycling to charge your laptop while you sit at a custom-built desk.

The company has gone ‘all-in’ with bicycle technology, understanding that such an efficient process has several benefits above and beyond that of a wall outlet.

Not only are you charging electronics using sustainable technology, you are also maintaining an active lifestyle that allows you to support your physical self in addition to your mental self (which, lets face it, is much, much, more overworked than our increasingly doughy exteriors).

But even if you can keep weight down naturally, all that sitting and screen focus is wreaking havoc on your heart and other essential bodily functions that we are unable to see. Pedal Power helps to remedy this major issue, while offering peace of mind knowing that you are staying active without having to engage in the mentally exhausting worry that you are not doing enough to combat this silent threat. Think of how nice it would be to just go about your day without the fear that you are neglecting your only body. A huge weight would be lifted…..both literally and figuratively.

While the device kills two birds with one stone, it also offers a great deal of potential uses in other areas of home life (charging phones, processing foods, pumping water, etc…)

Currently in Kickstarter mode, the crew behind Pedal Power definitely have their heart (and bodies) in the right place, and this venture can only help in our ongoing war against the stealthy perils of a tech-focused life.

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