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Apple Could Manufacture Mac Pro in U.S. Using Renewable Energy


Solar-Panels-in-Arizona-537x309Arizona is about to be the host of the latest manufacturing plant, where iPhones and iPads will be made using only renewable energy.

The giant in the electronic industry, Apple, has decided to transform a site that used to belong to a solar panel manufacturer into a million dollar “green” facility, which will not only meet all necessary environmental and safety standards, but it will also provide nearly 2,000 new jobs.

The cost of the plant, which will be constructed in Mesa, costs $578 million, and will be built in collaboration with a famous mineral crystal specialist in LED and solar, GT Advanced Technologies Inc.. It should open its doors in 2015, but rumors are already flying around, guessing which of the latest Apple products will be made in the U.S. The highest bid is on the latest Mac Pro to be produced at “home”.

It is quite interesting to see that giants in the technology industry are bringing their manufacturing facilities back to the U.S., and are ensuring that they are green too. Austin, Texas, for example, will have Google’s Moto X smarphone factory. We cannot be entirely sure what motives these guys have for leaving cheap labor overseas and moving back to homeland, but they are definitely doing it in the right way. Energy efficient buildings, powered entirely by renewables, while providing jobs for thousands, is surely the right way to go.

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