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Peraves E-Tracer/Monotracer: The Next Big Thing in Agile Urban Movement


The gasoline version that you can see here can reach speeds of up to 160 mph and can host two. It’s not a motorbike and not a car, either. Though the electric version of it can outperform any electric car on the market today in both speed and autonomy and will look exactly the same.

The E-Tracer will be able to reach 200 mph and has already won the Progressive Automotive X Prize. Its full kevlar body makes it resist any crash, and, as Callie Calimlim cutely says, “it’s pretty comfortable.”

Watch the video below to get an idea of how a $75,000 hand-made Swiss innovation looks. And we all know those Swiss watches and how perfectly they run… I guess this futuristic bike is not disappointing, either.

(thanks to Callie for the tip)

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