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New Phase Change Material Offers Huge Energy Savings in Buildings


Researchers at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC), have developed a new material that could offer considerable energy savings, having also the possibility to be used in existing structures and new buildings as well.

The novel non-deformed energy storage phase change material (PCM), as the scientists dubbed it, can efficaciously regulate heat, by virtue of its large energy storage capacity. The best part is that it could be cheaply manufactured.

For example, let’s imagine that in a room the temperature is set at 26 degrees Celsius. This heat-regulating material can be fixed to absorb the excess heat produced above that temperature. It can be integrated anywhere, from walls and roofs to wallpapers.

The material can be made so thin that it can be sprayed as an unobtrusive microscopic film on surfaces. In a test performed by the researchers, they show that the concept can be used in combination with solar panels and LEDs to emphasize the level of effectiveness and prove their invention can potentially save up to 35 percent of the energy spent with heating/cooling a building.

The project will be officially presented in October, when scientists, researchers, government officials and practitioners will analyze it in more detail.

[via Ecofriend/ScienceDaily]

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