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Nissan Releases LEAF Application For Blackberry And Android Smartphones


Nissan has just released the LEAF app for the Blackberry and Android smartphone platforms which allows Leaf owners to check various statistics of their all-electric car at any time.

Using the Nissan LEAF application, users will be able to check the state of the battery charge, see the estimated driving range and even turn the climate control system on or off.

According to the company, the new apps are free to anyone with a Nissan LEAF and those who have an active CARWINGS subscription.  This service connects navigation systems to mobile phones to update drivers with alternate routes to avoid congestion and real-time traffic information.

“Nissan understands that telematics and other communication services are important for consumers. By providing accessibility and functionality to the Nissan LEAF through all major smartphone platforms, we are truly delivering ‘Innovation for All,'” said Trisha Jung, director, Vehicle Connected Services, Nissan North America.

Though both the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf have had a rough July in terms of sales figure, the LEAF outsold the Volt by nearly 9 to 1 last month. The main reason is that the plug-in hybrid Volt is considerably more expensive due to its range-extending gasoline on-board generator compared to LEAF, a 100% electric vehicle.

[via Torque News/PR NewsWire]

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