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This Earth Day, Philips Unveiled Lightbulb With 20-Year Lifespan


Would you pay 50 bucks for a light bulb? No. But would you pay 50 bucks for one that lasts 20 years? I guess you would! And now you can: thanks to the renowned company Philips, who wanted to really pitch in for Earth Day (this past Sunday the 23rd), buyers can now go online or in retail stores to purchase one.

For those of you out there who need a bit more arguments, there is more than one reason to go buy one.

This 10-watt bulb is 83% more efficient than the standard 60-watt one and if you use it on a daily basis, you get three benefits: you save energy, you save money (165$ over its lifetime) and you prolong the light bulb’s lifespan up to 27.4 years.

The in 165$ savings may not seem much, but if you do the math for the whole house, it may amount to something, especially since the company has announced it wants to cut the price to $25-$30.

With these advantages in view, it’s no wonder the light bulb has won last year’s “Bright Tomorrow Lighting Prize” offered by the US Department of Energy.

[via Physorg]

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