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Philips & BASF to Develop OLED Lighting Concept for Car Roofs


Often enough, Philips is the synonym to light. And they keep proving this by teaming up with BASF – “The Chemical Company” and releasing the OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology for car roofs.

Just as Dr. Dietrich Bertram, General Manager of OLED Lighting at Philips says, the technology is innovative in every way. First of all, the 1.8 mm-thin light sources are very cost-effective and efficient.

Your eyes will never squint at the soft, sweet light they generate and on top of that, the trick with them is they go all transparent when switched off, while still illuminating the interior of the vehicle when switched on.

The innovation surfaces when you mix them up with transparent solar cells. This results in a new, improved experience for the driver, who will feel like he’s driving a convertible during the day, but still feel at home in his car at night with the warm, diffuse light.

This is not the first time BASF comes on stage with such an idea: the OLED 2015 initiative of Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research has brought the two companies together since 2006, with BASF supplying Philips with organic dyes.

Though still in its research stage, the OLED technology offers great possibilities, so step into the light!

[via Physorg]

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