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Better Place Launched Its First 100 Electric Cars on Israeli Roads


Denmark and Holland are far ahead of others in the implementation of the electric car infrastructure, hence you can easily charge an EV there. It’s now Israel’s turn to shine: the Tel Aviv Better Place Education and Test Drive Center has delivered on January 22 its first 100 EVs.

The release was part of an official-studded ceremony and the 100 all-electric Renault Fluence reached private owners as well as two rental car companies.

The cars are not just sent there by themselves, alone on the streets: the infrastructure is already there to greet them. Since EVs are known to present a somewhat short driving range (about 140 km on a single charge), Better Place made sure to put in place a complete infrastructure that includes not only charging posts close to each other, but also battery exchange stations to bless your car with a fresh new pack. Don’t worry, swapping a battery won’t take more than 3 minutes!

The company signed an agreement with the Eldan Group, one of the two car rental firms, to give tourists and people too afraid to buy an EV right “off the shelf” a chance to test them in real conditions.

[via GreenProphet]

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