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Japanese Company to Unveil Pius, the DIY Electric Car


A new type of electric car concept is in works by a Japanese company.To be more specific, they want to develop what they call a “DIY” electric car… and they’ll name it accordingly: Pius.

The EV will be able to seat one and will be included in the list of “micro” electric cars, without the company disclosing any price data.

While this segment is certainly an experimental one, it would be interesting  for only a niche of the market, since not just anyone can afford to acually build and operate an electric car safely.

Furthermore, there is also the issue of certification and registration, which will require a lot of indulgence feom authorities. Some countries only allow light modifications to existing gas cars, let alone allowing people to build their own contraptions.

But, again, we’re talking Japan here, whose technological open-mindedness has always set trends throughout the history.

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