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PLAYBULB Smart Garden Lights Rock on Kickstarter


maxresdefaultThe Smart Color LED Solar Garden Light project is revolutionizing Kickstarter. The solar-powered PLAYBULB garden has exceeded their goal ten times, with just over two weeks still left.

Here it is. The technology, which promises to bring up the spirit of your garden by giving you a light-show performance every evening. Meet PLAYBULB garden- the smartest and greenest LED garden lighting.

So, let’s have a closer look at the technology that managed to secure an incredible budget for the developers, and attract thousands of backers on their side, half way through their crowdfunding campaign.

PLAYBULB garden is a green, smart and exciting take on conventional garden lighting. It consists of solar-powered LED lights, and it is super easy to install. It comes with an internal lithium-ion battery, which can power the lights for up to 20 hours, when full. The technology is water resistant and equipped with a smart sensor, which turns the lights on and off automatically when the sun goes down and up. It is light and portable, making it perfectly suitable for transport to an outside summer barbecue party or a camp site.

The lights have 5 fun special effects (for now), which allow the user to set the mood- there is a romantic candle effect, two disco-style rainbow effects, pulsing effect and flashing effect. The selection and control is performed through a smartphone app, which will also be responsible for bringing you the latest updates and feature enhancements. Pretty cool, ah?

Over at Kickstarter, there are numerous projects that appear every day, trying to sell ideas of revolutionary products. Unfortunately, it is at the backers risk that they might never receive the precious item that they funded, but well- maybe it is a small price to pay. Look at PLAYBULB, for example. The idea is so great that the inventors managed to fund almost 1,190% of it with more than two weeks still to go- there is no way it can fail, right?

I have a feeling many neighborhoods will never be the same after they get the disco make-over this summer. Shipping of the first ready products is scheduled for early May this year.

Image (c) PLAYBULB

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