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Trinity – The New Generation Portable Micro-Turbine from Janulus


Trinity_50_charging_smartphone.jpg.650x0_q70_crop-smartNew and improved portable micro wind turbine from Janulus now comes in four sizes, ready to meet your every renewable energy need.

Last year, a team of two enthusiastic brothers, founders of the company Janulus- Einar and Agust Agustsson, introduced their project Trinity on Kickstarter. They showed their humble portable vertical wind turbine, which was sleek, practical, and able to generate power at low wind speeds. The extra energy could be saved on a battery pack that came with the turbine.

The crowdfunding campaign exceeded all expectations and brought enough funds to the inventors so that they could start producing their product. Now, just over a year later, the guys are already shipping the first Trinity micro-turbines.

But if you were not able to get hold of one of these, do not despair. With a few extra guys on board, Janulus’s new and improved Trinity personal wind energy micro-stations are back on Kickstarter.

This time, on offer are four portable micro-turbines, coming in sizes 50W, 400W, 1000W and 2500W. The smallest one can generate enough power to charge a personal gadget like a smart phone, or a USB light, and comes at $369. The 400W can be purchased for a pledge of $999, 1000W comes at $2799, and the 2500W, can be purchased for $5599. The latter two models are equipped with grid tie inverter, making them suitable to plug directly into an outlet and provide AC electricity for home usage.

Some more of the specifications. The new Trinity turbines, are very easy to set up, and have the same batteries as the ones that are currently found on board of most electric vehicles. Wind power can be produced at both low wind speeds (2m/s), and high speeds thanks to the possibility to change the orientation of the blades. And last but not least, the micro-turbines are very light, the smallest one is only 650 gr (1.4 lbs.).

With 32 days to go, Trinity’s Kickstarter campaign has already exceeded the funds requested by the makers. However, the best deals are still available, so if you are interested, hurry up and book your Trinity.

Image (c) Janulus


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