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Keep Your Bike Safe with Stowaway Storage System


stowaway-ceiling-bike-storage-5Stowaway bicycle storage system keeps your bike away from the street and from your corridor, making storing safer, easier and more convenient than ever.

When it comes to traffic-jam-free, time-independent, healthy and green mode of transport, there is nothing that can beat the bicycle. After just a few weeks of daily biking, every person gets so used to their two-wheeler, that waiting for the bus, or being stuck in a traffic jam, becomes the worst thing that anyone can image.

But, there is something else that bike-lovers have, which is often difficult to explain to those, who do not own a two-wheeler. I am talking about the special connection that people form with their bike, on one hand because of dependency, but on another, it is a bit like deep friendship. The feeling that you are never alone if you go somewhere by bike kicks in in full power, and if taken away from you, you hurt like you’ve lost someone very special.

In this respect, keeping your bike safe is not only a necessity, it is your duty. Unfortunately, not everyone have access to a secured bike storage facility, or a convenient shed in the garden. Usually what we have is an over-full garage or a tiny corridor, where the last thing we want to add is a bike.

So, here is the solution. Meet Stowaway– a brilliant bike-storing system, by a promising Irish startup, which lifts your bike and places it up against the ceiling. The mechanism is very easy to use, it consists of a few straps that have to be attached to the bike, and then you just pull. The straps have a breaking system, which prevents the bike from dropping on you in case you stop half way. There is also a counterweight system, which helps you, meaning you lift only half of the bike’s weight.

I have seen a few similar storing systems that might come a bit cheaper, but I have never come across one that firstly puts your bike flat against the ceiling, meaning you do not need your room to have high walls, and secondly, has the pretty unique counterweight system.

Do show the guys behind Stowaway a bit of love. By buying one of these systems for only $107 through their campaign on Kickstarter, you do not do them a favor- you do it for yourself, and you owe it to your bike. Remember, if you really want one, share this story, because if the target is not met, Stowaway will not go into production. But hurry up, there are only two weeks left. Make sure your bike is safe, at least for the period you are at home.

And for the rest of the time, remember the fool-proof rule of thumb, which I’ve learnt from my Dutch friends- “Always have one lock more than the bike parked next to yours”.

Image (c) Stowaway


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