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GoSun, a Solar Grill That Cooks Even On Cloudy Days


downloadGoSun, a solar cooker that keeps grilling, baking and boiling even on a rainy day, is storming through its Kickstarter campaign.

Cooking stoves, electric ovens, gas grills, barbeques, even outdoor coal grills, all have their limitations. For starters, everything electric consumes quite a lot of energy in order to cook you a pleasant meal, and even if you opt for anything that is powered by a renewable source, you would still be heavily dependent on the weather.

Once in a while we tell you about solar cookers, and we even told you how to build a solar oven yourself, the capabilities of these cookers are always limited either to allowing only one style of cooking, or just working when there is sunshine.

The alternative option would be an outdoorsy gas grill or a standard barbecue that cooks with charcoal, which can be quite dangerous, and produce a lot of smoke. But the worst part of it all is that these things always require someone to be a slave of the grill, constantly monitoring the fire and making sure the food does not burn, while the rest of the people are having a party.

Now, here is the solution to all of the above. It is called GoSun grill, a solar oven/grill that keeps cooking regardless of the weather. Over on Kickstarter, the grill is super popular, receiving more pledges than the makers could have ever hoped for. With 35 days to go, the guys have already doubled the amount they needed in order to begin production.

What makes it so attractive is its ability to cook a complete meal for eight using only renewable solar energy, which does not necessarily have to be generated at the time of cooking. GoSun is equipped with a sunlight-powered thermal battery, which keeps supplying power even if the weather suddenly turns bad. The grill has a unique reflector system, which saves you from the hassle to constantly flip the food and monitor it, and allows you to join the party while the food is being made. It is faster than a conventional grill, it does not release any smoke or dangerous fumes, it can cook pretty much everything-from bread, to roast meat, to nice fresh vegetables, it can even boil rice. But above all, it is extremely easy and safe to use.

If you are fast, you might be able to get a very good deal for yourself. The price ranges between $349 (only a few are left) and $599, depending on the battery you want and how soon you place your pledge.

OK, I have to be honest, I see some limitations here. Firstly, I do think that barbequing outside goes hand in hand with good weather, and often the smoke, the slight charred taste and smell are what people love about outdoor grilling. But GoSun is a lot more than that. It not only grills, it actually cooks, without dangerous emissions, and without wasting of electricity. It is easy to use, safe, fast, and makes a delicious meal every single time.

And if the guys manage to bring the price down a bit more, or find a sponsor, who can help them make it affordable to people from less-developed countries, then they will really be able to make a difference in the world.

Image (c) GoSun


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