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Bioo Pot Charges Your Phone with Plant Energy


bioo-phone.jpg.662x0_q70_crop-scaleBioo plant pot is a revolutionary technology, which uses the energy from a living plant in a pot to charge your mobile device.

The market is currently flooded with small portable chargers that provide renewable energy, most often solar. The amount of electricity they generate is sufficient to power electronic devices in case of emergency or when trying to cut back on electricity usage at home.

Unfortunately, as we all know, solar chargers fail when the sun is not shining. This is when the invention Bioo comes into play, providing renewable power day and night. The source of energy is a plant in a pot. If you, like myself, are captivated by the idea, here are a few details and specifications.

The Bioo plant pot is developed by a promising company based in Barcelona, called Arkyane Technologies. The Bioo pot can provide enough charge to bring the battery of a smartphone from 0 to 100 three times per day or night. It is equipped with a 5V 1A USB charging port, and the source of the power is a biological battery, which is contained in the base of the pot.

All that is required from the user is to water the plant regularly and keep it growing for a period of around 5 years. In return, the plant will provide sufficient energy to charge a smartphone and help its owner cut back on that electricity bill.  The plant will not be harmed in any way, so really, there is only benefit from it all.

The guys from Arkyane Technology, however, do not stop here. They are also looking into a large scale biological battery, fitted into a device that works in the same way as the Bioo pot. They claim that a technology with dimensions of 1x1m, can generate around 40W, and deliver roughly 280 kWh per year.

This plan is quite ambitious and a long term goal. For now, the guys have launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund the Bioo pot on Indiegogo. It is currently skyrocketing- they have doubled their target already, and they still have one month left to go.

If you are keen to have one of these pots standing at home, go ahead and show them your support. At the price of €120 ($135 USD), the Bioo pot will be yours as early as in December this year. Check out all other options and price ranges over at the crowdfunding page.

Image (c) Arkyane Technology/Bioo pot

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