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COP21: India and France to Lead International Solar Alliance


COP21_Paris_f0a544b2b7The COP21 UN summit on climate change, located in Paris this year, hadn’t even completed the first day of proceedings before it was announced that France and India will head an International Solar Alliance.

Their goal is to provide solar access around the world. It was also revealed that nineteen emissions-heavy countries have pledged to double funding for green energy research, totalling $20 billion over five years. China, the UK, the US, India, and Brazil are among the countries included in the pledge.

Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, gave a talk on the first day expressing his wish to see a cooperation between the countries that get the most sunlight, concentrated in tropical areas. As reported in pv magazine, together he believes they could develop a plan to support innovation in solar through investment and market strategies.

While it has been reported that the country may not achieve their ambitious clean energy target of 300,000 MW by 2030, the country is still a leader in solar development and will be crucial to the success of the solar alliance.

French President Francois Hollande also made an appearance at COP21, after his country far exceeded its goal to increase its solar capacity to 5.4 GW by 2020. The target has now been raised to 10 GW by 2018.

Even though the solar alliance is encouraging, it’s likely that global temperatures would still reach the 2°C mark even if all countries met the action plans they have submitted to COP21. That makes the pledge to invest in clean energy research all that much more important. It’s going to take some serious innovation to mitigate climate change, and if that does not happen, this research may give us insight on how to survive or lessen the effects.

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  1. All the climate warming/change is a bunch of crap made up by some people just for a way to tax everyone. Science has proven that it is all made up.


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