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PLX Kiwi: the Gadget Saving Your Gas Money


You seem to be paying more for your daily trips? Your car seems to be “eating” more diesel or gasoline? Are you paying most part of your hardly worked days and months just to go to work? Should you go by bus, or buy a bike? Ok, that’s covenient, but what if you life at more than 20 miles from your workplace? Should you move?


All you have to do is temper your aggressiveness and your moods so they do not reflect into your acceleration pedal. The more you push that pedal, the more your car consumes. A company called “PLX Devices” has invented a gadget named “Kiwi”, after the fruit (I wonder why they chose that name). Kiwi communicates with your car’s onboard computer and calculates how much gas you put into a mile. Then, depending on the goals you set, it tells you to depress that pedal, or be less aggressive.

Kiwi reminds you all the time that gasoline is money, and you better eat some pizzas with your friends than give the oil companies money for the 5 minutes you reach your work earlier. Depending on the type of car you drive, the savings can be several hundred dollars a year, between $560 and $800, according to the company. You can get a read-out of dollars saved on a given trip and a cumulative total. If you drive mostly on highways, they say you can save 33% of the gas you would normally use for that trip (of course, if you listen Kiwi’s advice.

The device connects with almost any car, and you can check your car compatibility before you buy it. Nice!


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