Water Powered Cars Weekly Gathering from Van Nuys, CA

You probably heard of HHO or the ‘miracle gas’ that saves thousands of dollars anually and of the systems that transform your cars into hydrogen hybrids (they burn gasoline and hydrogen at the same time). It’s said that this combination of gasoline vapors and hydrogen enhances the burning process and gives you more power while at the same time saves fuel and precious money.

Van Nuys, CA, is the place where hydrogen car fanatics meet every weekend, for about an hour, in a park. There they discuss their HHO boosters, exchange opinions and schematics, but the gathering is not only for that! They also welcome “outside” people, skeptics, who want to touch, feel and smell cleaner burning gasoline and (or) diesel. They can buy some kits or gather instructions on how to build their own hydrogen boosters.

All this movement has been initiated by a man named “Ozzie”, who sells an eBook on how to make your own booster (you can see ads of his ebook everywhere, on every environment-related website). He’s a pioneer in this area.

The hydro-environmentalists’ dream is the making of a 100% water fueled car, which you can run continuously without losing almost anything. The theory of gaining more power than it is used in splitting the water resides in zero-point energy usage. Zero point energy is the energy that surrounds us all, without it all the universe wouldn’t exist. I believe this theory because there are so many unexplained things and energy forms in nature and because I saw with my own eyes traces of the so-called “conspiracy”. Anyone is beginning to feel a glimpse of this conspiracy, and more or less acknowledge it with happenings from the real life (only if you’re blind you don’t see that).

So, good luck, fellows, and I hope to manage to reach Van Nuys and see your work! Come to Romania from time to time! You’d be more than welcome here, because gasoline reaches $7 a gallon. And we seem not to accept that as time passes.


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