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Another Water Car How-To


I just found out this incredible tutorial about how to build a simple electro-mechanic system that can free you from regular fuel. For the newbies in this subject, the idea is pretty simple: split the water into hydrogen and oxygen, make an even mixture and insert it into the air intake of a car’s carburetor. The main problem is that with usual electrolysis you can only put more energy into the system than you get from it. This problem is overran by using a revolutionary discovery that splits water into the two elements by using some properties of water when vibrating in a range of electrical frequencies. This method of splitting apparently exploits the zero point energy properties of water, as some say. You can build your own water fueling system by following the instructions from this link.

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    Anyway water powered cars are cool, but frankly a bit passe, I’ve designed a motor that is powered entirely by hopes, dreams and wishful thinking, all you have to do is believe in it and it produces 25000 KW a minute…..or is it volts? I forget. Needless to say I have always had more faith in God than in Newton. Trouble is the oil companies and their Jewish banking friends are spreading so much bad karma that my motor still hasn’t reached peak, zero point, perpetual motion efficiency, and to make matters worse they have frozen my bank account because of some trumped up fraud charges. If I’m going to get this thing up and running, I really need to use some kind persons credit card. If you can help, please get in touch


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