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Kept Under Secret: New Type of Super Batteries


Zenn already has a small electric city car with small performances, but they plan to make that car go further and cheaper than it can go now by 2009. Their new model is said to reach 80mph (128km/h) and have a 250miles (400km) range.

How will they do that is yet unknown, due to the secrecy of their new technology. Unofficial sources have said that it’s all about a super capacitor, able to take much more greater charges than usual Li-Ion batteries can do in present days. Actually, they’ll even charge faster and have the ability to release power much more quickly when needed. The new super batteries will never lose their charge capacities, so that would make them man’s best friend in everything, from powering your mp3 to powering your car. Ideally, you’ll only have to purchase one battery of a certain size suited to your applications, and it’ll recharge as many times as you wish.

Sounds like electric cars’ fans dreams came true, but we don’t know any specific details of the technology involved in this.

It’s also said that they’re more ecological than their Li-Ion sisters. EEstor is the company behind this promise. EEstor refuses publicity, refuses to give interviews, and certainly hasn’t been showing off their product. Everyone’s trying to learn more about this company and its technology, but their web page seems that can’t be found – if they have one. Yet EEstor (if that’s their real name) has already raised a few brows by signing a deal with Lockheed Martin for defense and homeland security applications (details not disclosed).

Usually, when things seem to good to be true they usually are too good to be true. I don’t think this is the case for these batteries. New revolutionary technologies have to emerge from time to time to keep up the evolution process that this universe is used to. The bad part is that they are kept secret from the public, used only in military applications, kill some millions, and then put up as “new discovery” – wow, what a great inventor!

My opinion is that would also be the case of Tesla.


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