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Porsche Going to Make Electric Sports Car: Not Yet, Though


It’s been a while since Porsche made an electric car, just like I wrote a week ago, after admiring the creator’s first EV at the Technical Museum in Vienna… about 110 years.

Just like then, nowadays the Porsche car company (acquired by VW) is preparing to take off on the track of electric cars, and releases press announcements and teases us with concepts of what their first sports electric car is going to be.

They will be competing Tesla directly, but for the moment want to stay a little bit reserved, as existing battery technology doesn’t satisfy them: “We will definitely be offering electric sports cars in the future,” said Michael Macht, the President and CEO of Porsche AG in a prepared statement. “But such a concept only makes sense if it offers performance and a cruising range comparable to that of a sports car today.”

Adding to this the fact that Volkswagen already has plans to build and commercially release their first electric Golf, and had the first show-off of a fully-electric Audi at last year’s Frankfurt Auto Show, Porsche may now benefit the expertise of the larger group. And because it belongs to a corporation, the Porsche brand isn’t going to get represented by something disqualifying or lacking in quality and performance. It looks like they’d rather wait a bit until things settle on the electric auto market and only then they’ll come out with an electric Porsche.

I can hardly wait for the Frankfurt Auto Show this fall. There may probably be every brand in the world, showcasing their latest concepts and market models. We’ll go there, take some pictures and specs, and then report them here.

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