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Convert Your Car Into a PHEV With Poulsen`s Hybrid Innovation!


Based on the fact that only 10 to 15 hp are required to run your average compact or mid-sized car along a level road at 60-70mph, Poulsen Hybrid have made up a system that helps your gasoline or diesel engine in its run and save you lots of money, turning your car into a plug-in electric vehicle (PHEV).

Poulsen equips your car with electric motors, DC motor controllers, it puts a battery pack in the back of the car, and an onboard charger to make it compete with the most sophisticated high-tech PHEVs on the market.

The system is made of two powerful electric motors, mounted on the outside of 2 wheels of your car. The motors are normally applied to the rear wheels, in the process converting a front wheel driven car to all wheel drive. The system works equally well with rear- and all wheel drive vehicles, gasoline or diesel fueled.

Poulsen Hybrid system utilizes Permanent Magnet, Axial Field (PMAF) motors. This style motor came into being with the development of extremely high-energy, rare earth permanent magnets and has found use in aerospace and advanced vehicles including the “Sunraycer” record winning solar powered racecar. They feature high power and torque within a compact, lightweight disk shape architecture and are ideally suited for direct drive road vehicle applications.

The PMAF motors specially developed by Alpha-Core, Inc. for Poulsen Hybrid are rated 5kW orĀ 7 horsepower each at 1000 rpm (app. 60 mph).

The near future surely belongs to electric-based movement. Hybrid cars are this trend’s first wave, and full electric ones to become widely available are the second. Electric vehicles do exist, but they’re for the moment a very compromising solution: lots of perfomance, low cost, but low battery power and the lack of a solid infrastructure. It’s very simple for a classic car to put a bigger fuel tank to increase its autonomy, but for EVs it’s more difficult. Anyway, Poulsen’s idea is interesting to watch growing.


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