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Pyrolysis Oil Obtained from Agricultural and Forestry Waste


Researchers at the University of Twente, in Holland, have recently discovered one of the most cheap and efficient method to convert biomass from agricultural and forestry waste into oil.

According to Dr. Sascha Kersten, from the university’s IMPACT institute, the new process used now produces pyrolysis oil, which is not yet suitable for processing in existing refineries. He also claims that the pyrolysis oil only reacts with hydrogen at high temperatures, high pressures and in the presence of a catalyst.

The oil obtained using this method can be sent directly to the existing refineries. “This upgrading process produces a mixture of an aqueous fraction and an oil fraction. The oil fraction can go directly to the refinery. We are therefore studying ways of improving efficiency, to cut the amount of hydrogen used to the bare minimum,” Kersten said.

The production of oil by using this new method has obvious advantages compared with the first generation biomass, made from ethanol and sugar cane. The scientist added his belief that in the future, more and more vehicles will be powered by biofuel.

[Source: Xinhuanet]

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