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Question: Will Chevy Volt Run Windows?


I guess that the Chevy Volt has been one of the most hunted electric cars from the beginning of this year. GM has done all their possible to keep the secret from the press(?), but it seems that several images and specs have “leaked”, acting as a teaser for the information thirsty public.

Now, they have not only revealed technical details of their 2011 Volt, but they even have a prototype that the press has photographed. All the internet roars of Chevy Volt technical specifications, everyone’s tongue gets out and falls when new images arise. True, it’s indeed a great car. True, it will be cleaner than most of the hybrids. Also true, it will have a sporty feel and image, but I have a stupid, yet to be considered…

Question: will it run ANY form of Windows? Because if so, I’m not sure I’m going to buy it.

Watch the video and then report your opinion in the comments form below.

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