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Real-Life Usage of Euro6 Cars NOT as Clean as Previously Thought, Study Claims


A new study commissioned by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) reports that during real-world usage, the Euro 6 cars powered with diesel and petroleum-gasoline emit carbon dioxide and NOx that are out of the legally accepted levels.

The study was conducted by the Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki using four Euro 6 passenger cars, three of which were diesel cars, and one is a petroleum-gasoline car. The procedure of the study is explained by the press release: “First, the laboratory testing reiterated the NEDC type-approval test using two different estimation of on-road frictions for the different vehicles (road-load settings).

The first used the car manufacture’s original parameters, and the second our own independent measurements. Another series of tests completed the laboratory investigation and measured emissions on different vehicle speed profile at ambient conditions varying from 18oC to 25oC.

“Second, the four vehicles were tested on the road following the RDE regulation protocol, which includes defined limits for dynamic driving conditions. For the last series of non-road tests, the four vehicles were driven more dynamically on a hilly road to investigate emission levels outside the scope covered by the regulation.”

The test resulted to all four vehicles exceeding the carbon dioxide certification levels and two vehicles exceeding NOx limit under the laboratory type-approval test. In the more dynamic driving conditions, NOx emission levels further amplified to 26-40 times of the limit.

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