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Recycled Plastic Roads Could Be More Environmentally Friendly than Asphalt


VolkerWessels, the Dutch construction service company, proposed to build new roads from recycled plastics. The PlasticRoad will be a great alternative to conventional roads, which consume too much time, money, and effort. The future of roads can be the PlasticRoad.

When it comes to the PlasticRoad’s structure, it will be most convenient for settings with high rainwater. The roads will be hollow enough to contain plumbing, cabling, and rainwater. So, floods will be less likely to occur. To add, the PlasticRoad will be more quiet as plastic absorbs sound, will be suitable for hot and cold weather, and will be unaffected from corrosion.

With the PlasticRoad, transportation is also a resolved issue. Efficiency is important when building roads, and the conventional roads take too much time and money to build due to transportation reasons.

The PlasticRoad will be transported to trucks by lining it in sheets. This will eliminate the need for other construction machines, reducing the cost of building roads. The plastic roads will be very comfortable in terms of maintenance too, as it will be easier to change and replace them.

In a time where what we consume exceeds what we produce, the PlasticRoad will enable us to turn what we consume into what we produce.

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