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Redbird Solar Water Purification System Can Process 14,400 gallons/day


redbird-solar-water-purifier_mkY3U_69The company Chemviron Midwest has developed the world’s first solar-powered water purification system. The 25-feet long and 15-feet high water purification system, known as Redbird, can be completely enclosed in a shipping container, being easily transported in various parts of the world.

“This type of system was right in our wheelhouse,” said Chemviron President Mark Steiner, whose company specializes in soil and groundwater remediation. “The solar part was new to us, but the rest of it was real familiar. This really puts us in a whole new market. That’s the business end of it, but we can also provide a product that meets some significant humanitarian need.”

The company’s officials believe that this water purification system can create 14,400 gallons of clean water in 24 hours, using only the sun’s energy. The most amazing part of this system is that it can be connected with other units if the demand of clean water is more than what a single unit can supply. In the meantime, the Redbird system will be put into operation in China.

[Source: TheDailyRecord]

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  1. This is NOT the “worlds first solar powered water purification system.” Mobile Power International in New Jersey designs and manufactures a series of mobile solar powered generators with water pumping and purification systems that can purify up to 30,000 gallons per day.


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