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Toyota's Future Fuel Cell Vehicles Able to Work at Minus 37 degrees Celsius


Snowy rural roadFuel cell vehicles have been criticized by a lot of car manufacturers around the world. Still there are some that think they are able to transform the world’s thinking into a GREEN ONE and prove that fuel cell vehicles are as reliable as any gas cars available on the market.

This year’s Air Resources Board’s ZEV Technology Symposium from California brought to attention the presentation of Tatsuaki Yokoyama from Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America. “Progress and Challenges for TOYOTA’s Fuel Cell Vehicle Development” had a huge impact on the crowd.

Measurements of cold start and driving capability of the Toyota hydrogen fuel cell vehicles showed that the car is capable of operating at temperatures as low as minus 37 degrees Celsius. Also, on the same slide that presents the temperature working graphic it is mentioned: “Cold start and driving performance of the TOYOTA FCHV-adv was verified to be equivalent to gasoline-ICE vehicles.”

The previous record was established in June 2008 when the Toyota FCHV-adv hydrogen fuel cell vehicle when the lower operational temperature was minus 30 degrees Celsius (minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit). Very important is the fact that this was the moment when the vehicles were actually released so this is their first real improvement. Toyota will probably not stop here and will want to present to the world that the hydrogen fuel cell cars are one of the actual cars the automotive industry is thinking to replace gas engines.

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  1. Hey Emmett, from what I know 2008 was the year that Toyota changed their rank from 2 to 1 being the world’s largest manufacturer(second being at that moment GM). Their quality improved a lot and most of the actual car manufacturers and supplier are taking Toyota’s quality systems and implement them in their companies. In 2008 sales were about 4.818 million cars.

  2. This article first mentions Toyota as the source of the battery. Although I have never had/owned a Toyota, I have heard from a number of sources that it produces a reliable, valuable car, and I am now considering purchasing one. I found that that past history makes this article very believable.


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