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Renault Releases The ZOE-e With 460 Horsepower


The Renault ZOE is the new car that is smaller than but similar to the Nissan LEAF. It is a four door sedan with an electric battery that will enable larger families to switch to electric vehicles.

Although most American drivers are unfamiliar with Renault, it is one of the best in the international motor racing, including in Formula One.

As a result, Renault gained some experience from its Formula E program and built the ZOE-e. It is a carbon fiber two seat sports car with 460 horsepower and two electric motors. Meanwhile, the Formula E car only had 270 horsepower.

The ZOE-e can speed up to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds thanks to its 40 kWh battery. There are three power modes that will help the car range about 125 miles.

Consequently, the ZOE-e was designed to be faster not only with its electric power but with great aerodynamics. Yet, with all its perfection, the ZOE-e does not go beyond being showcased in car shows.

Can the ZOE-e be put in production? That wouldn’t be the case for the nearer future, but it is now certain that electric cars are installed the technology to go beyond a standard car’s power.

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