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Renault is GreenFleet’s Electric Vehicle Manufacturer of the Year


Every year, the UK-based magazine, GreenFleet, recognizes the achievements of low-carbon vehicles sector through an awards event of the same name. In the 2017 GreenFleet Awards held last 23rd day of this month at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, the automaker company Renault was selected as the Electric Vehicle Manufacturer of the Year.

The editor of GreenFleet magazine, Angela Pisnu, explains why Renault bagged the award: “The winner this year has had their experts come up with new battery technology that has enabled them to increase the range on their small car and van EV offering… With the capability to go for 250 miles on a single charge in the car, and 170 in the van, they are set to revolutionize the EV market with a new larger offering in 2018 too.”

The Europe’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer, Renault, has a range of affordable all-electric cars and vans to offer. The ZOE model, which has a range of 250 miles, continues to be Europe’s top-selling electric car and has won many awards. Just this year, it was upgraded with the new Z.E. 40 battery, which increased its range by 50%, achieving a 250-mile range. According to Renault, this range is estimated to be equivalent to about 186 miles during summer and 124 miles during winter.

With Renault’s patented Chameleon Charger, the charging time of ZOE has become less noticeable as it can recharge from empty to 80 percent full in just an hour. In addition, the Range Optimizer technology of Renault ensures ZOE to be highly efficient with its bi-modal braking system heat pump and Michelin ENERGY E-V tires.

Renault also has Kangoo Z.E. 33 model to showcase. This all-electric van has a range of 170 miles, the best among other all-electric vans. Its new Z.E. 33 battery allowed its range to increase by 60% attaining the 170-mile range.

Renault UK’s Managing Director Vincent Tourette stated in response to the award: “Renault has an affordable range of all-electric cars and vans with class-leading ranges that are available, not in a few years’ time – but today. And this latest award of Electric Vehicle Manufacturer of the Year from GreenFleet is a fantastic recognition of that. Renault was a pioneer of the all-electric market and is Europe’s leading EV manufacturer. With one in four EV sales in Europe, it’s clear that our range of affordable all-electric vehicles is resonating with buyers and we’ll be expanding our line-up with the new Master Z.E. panel van next year.”

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  1. The more I think about it the angrier I get! I think Toyota’s “can’t be done” is really “We’re not interested! Mercedes Benz have an “E Cell” car using a lithium ion battery, what’s Toyota’s problem???


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