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Renault ZOE Pricing Options Revealed, Now Taking Orders

Renault ZOE Taking Orders Now
Renault ZOE Taking Orders Now

Now that the Renault ZOE prices and options have been revealed, we’ll see how Renault’s gamble developing its fourth electric vehicle pays off.

We first saw a concept of the Renault ZOE, a subcompact electric vehicle, in 2009. We didn’t see it again until the 2012 Paris Motor Show, where it was crowned “Best Green Car” of the show. Finally, the Renault ZOE ready for production.

The ZOE won’t actually hit showrooms until June, but you can order one now. After plug-in incentives, the Renault ZOE Expression, the base model will start at $17,740. The sportier model, the Dynamique, will start at $19,160 after incentives. These prices are only good until April 5th though, and will then go up $450 and $575 respectively.

In addition to the base price, there is also the price of the battery. Battery cost has always been a major sticking point for those considering electric vehicle technology, and managing this costs can make or break the deal.

Renault has opted to add a battery lease on top of the Renault ZOE price, instead of making owners pay for the battery upfront with the rest of the car. In addition to the car lease, the battery lease adds an additional $90/mo to $120/mo depending on how many miles you plan to drive annually. Sounds confusing, to be sure, but we’ll have to see how customers take to the pricing plan.

[Prices calculated at 1€:$1.30]

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